Amol is a neuroscientist and biomedical engineer at Duke University. He is from amol-bio-photoMumbai-India and has been living in the US since 2008. Amol likes to understand how the brain transcends the limits of the body by studying animal brains with thin, hair-like metallic wires and measuring the electrical activity generated by billions of neurons while teaching animals and humans to perform fiction-like tasks. He loves to exist in the liminal space between science and philosophy. In his spare time, he likes learning about Hindu-Buddhist philosophy and updating his social science knowledge. He also loves competing with Lauren for the ‘best chef in the house’ title by cooking amazing curries.


Lauren is a social scientist at Duke University. biophotoAlthough she went to New England for the traditional liberal arts college stint (at Wesleyan University) and lived in Paris for several years, she somehow found herself back where she grew up – North Carolina – for graduate school. Lauren tries to make the world a better place by studying how race, gender, and class inequalities are created by our often-implicit judgments of others and ourselves. Lauren also enjoys practicing yoga, riding her bike, cooking vegan food, and playing ‘laser-pointer’ with her cat, Bisou.