A Foodie Goes to India

Saffron Fix is a new meal prep delivery service that specializes in sending you all the ingredients you need to make home-cooked, delicious Indian food in your own kitchen. They recently asked me to write about my culinary experiences in India – traditional family recipes I helped Amol’s mom to prepare, wholesome meals at the ashram, and greasy-yet-satisfying street food.


I can safely say I’ve been a foodie my whole life. I’ve also been an avid traveler since I moved to Paris after college to teach English at a culinary school. Eating is basically my favorite way of experiencing other cultures — so throughout my twenties, I delighted in munching my way across France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. Preparing for my first trip to India, though, I realized how thoroughly unprepared I was to experience the country through her cuisine.

Check out the full post over on the Saffron Fix blog.

Author: Lauren

PhD candidate in sociology, research fellow for Hindu life at Duke University, vegan, yogini, crazy cat lady, pursuer of wanderlust

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